Relentless Health Value Podcast series focuses on Teladoc and Livongo

A couple weeks ago I had the privilege to speak with Stacey Richter about the future of digital and connected health. With the recent merger between Teladoc and Livongo, a new era has dawned. Companies that were simply tools to be used by health systems have the potential now to become rivals and compete for patients and revenue.

As usual, the Relentless Health Value podcast does an amazing job at looking at this merger from many angles. There is a two part podcast with 4 different guests dissecting this merger and the larger ramifications.

You can check out part one of the podcast here. The second podcast is where I focus what this merger means for clinicians and health systems. We also discuss what a health system needs to prioritize to make sure that they do not become obsolete. Check out part two of the podcast here.