Staying Fit At Home With Digital Health

In addition to maximizing opportunities to improve ones mental health as discussed in the last post, there are several opportunities to focus on physical health as well.  While on self-quarantine or practicing social distancing Digital Health can bring high intensity, guided exercise where ever you are.

Sworkit: Have used Sworkit for a couple years and it was one of the first health apps reviewed on this site.  It is a wonderful tool that guides you through countless exercises with video instructions for every activity.  Any room, hallway, garage, kitchen can become the backdrop to an excellent cardio and weight training workout.  Currently subscription only ($60/yr or $9.99/month).

Full Control Body Weight: Very similar to Sworkit with multiple work out regimens designed for any space you may have open.  There are plenty of free guided workouts that focus on different areas and run for different lengths of time.  There is a subscription service with a high-touch coaching component.

5 Minute Yoga / 5 Minute Pilates: Both of these apps can provide you with a brief 5 minute recharge.  The apps are free and while they don’t have a video to guide you there is a nice illustration of the poses needed.  Would recommend this after the third of fourth video conference from home.

Wakeout!: This app is quite popular on the Apple App Store.  If you find yourself needing a break at home, maybe in the middle on another phone conference or after separating fighting children, Wakeout can give you a little physical exercise while you feel like you might be gooding off.  The exericises are designed to be both physically demanding but funny as well.  There is a free 7 day trial and then a subscription cost of $4.99 after that.

Hopefully these Digital Health apps can add a little fitness into your days at home during this unique period of social distancing and quarantine.  If there are other apps you like to use, please share by leaving a message below.


Support at Home with Digital Health

         For many of us, recent events have led to a dizzying array of new anxieties and fears.  This may be worries about our health or the health of a loved one, stress related to a loss of work or general financial worry.  At the same time many of us may be quarantined at home or on strict social distancing protocols leaving us more isolated during a very difficult time.

         Below is a list of Digital and Connected Health options that can deliver a little peace of mind when used regularly.  Whether you just need guidance on a meditation or mindfulness regimen, a connection with people with similar concerns or need help from a medical professional, the tools below can all be accessed from home to provide possible relief.

Behavioral Health Apps: Information can be found on the websites listed.  Apps can be downloaded from the Apple App store of Google play store.

Talkspace – Online therapy across many platforms, video, text

Headspace – App based meditation guide

Sanvello – App that uses CBT to improve mental health, with lists of local resources

Aura– An app for mindfulness, relaxation and coaching

7Cups— Text based discussion with trained “listeners”, online therapy with professionals, virtual community and support groups

Calm—App that provides guided audio content to drive meditation and mindfulness, with a focus on anxiety, insomnia, stress

Stress and Anxiety Companion – Uses CBT, guided imagery, guided breathing exercises, biofeedback

Crisis Text Line—A free text based support system that connects people in crisis to trained volunteers

         Text “Home” to 741741 to be connected 

Video Telemedicine

Both American Well and Doctors On Demand offer synchronous telemedicine video visits with mental health professionals, MSW, Psychologists and Psychiatrists.

AmWell – from $85 to $199 a visit

Doctors on Demand