More Healthcare Podcasts

One of the more popular posts here has been on Healthcare podcasts.  You can read the original here.

There are two more podcasts that I have been listening to that you may enjoy.  The

#HCBiz Show and Well/Connected with Dr Joe Kvedar are definitely worth the download.

Both podcasts discuss a broad range of healthcare topics but have the there of Digital and Connected Health running through them.  Dr Kvedar’s podcast is quite new, with only 6 episodes so far but I have enjoyed them all and am looking forward to more.

I would definitely recommend episode 66 of #HCBiz.  It is a “cross-over” episode with #HCBiz Show host Don Lee and Relentless Health Value host Stacey Richter.  If you subscribe to Relentless Health Value it is episode 192.

As always, I would love to hear if you like any of these podcasts and what podcasts you enjoy.