August 2018 AirVisual

Title: AirVisualLogo

What it is: A mobile app that shows up to date air quality data around the world

What devices: Apple and Android Devices

Cost: Free

Who should use it: Patients with chronic respiratory or cardiac conditions, anyone wanting to know more about air quality, Physicians and Advanced Practitioners

Why use it: There is significant medical evidence that poor air quality can worsen and exacerbate chronic medical conditions. This leads to increased healthcare utilization and higher costs when patients are exposed to periods of poor air quality. One way of preventing these health issues is to avoid exposure to such poor quality air. No matter where you are, you can use AirVisual to provide current air quality levels.

Not the typical Connected Health App discussed on this site, AirVisual can be quite important to making good health decisions in the dog days of summer. It has been quite hot here in the Southwest and those hot days are often associated with poor air quality. In places like northern California right now, the wildfires contribute greatly to poor air quality.  AirVisual can empower anyone to avoid poor quality, unhealthy air.

AirVisual uses the Air Quality Index (AQI) to rate the overall level of concern in AQI Valuesregards to health. The lower the AQI value, the the better the air quality. The higher the AQI value, the worse the air quality is and subsequently the higher potential impact on a persons health. AirVisual will also show changes in AQI value throughout the day. People who may be more sensitive to the health affects of poor air quality can limit their exposure by seeing when the AQI is high and staying indoors. Then when the AQI value is lower and in a less detrimental range people can be more comfortable venturing out.

As discussed in prior posts, each Connected Health App should be viewed through the lenses of being Accessible, Affordable, Reliable and Relational.

Accessible: The Accessibility of AirVisual is high as it is a mobile app that can be accessed anywhere at any time.  The only limitation is the need to be able to access a suitable WIFI or cellular connection.

Affordable: The app is free to use, requiring only that the user has a suitable smartphone or tablet.

Reliable: AirVisual uses data gathered from satellite data, weather data, government air quality data as well volunteers who monitor air quality at a local level.

Relational: Increases opportunities to focus on ones relationship with the environment around where one lives, works and travels.

AirVisual Screen schot
This is an example of the information provided in the AirVisual App. It shows the current AQI level and then predicts the levels as the day goes on.
Air Visual Map
Here is an example of a searchable map within the AirVisual app. This area corresponds with the currently active Carr Fire in Northern California.