January 2018 7 Cups app

7 Cups

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What it is:  App designed to provide on-demand emotional support
What devices: Apple IOS devices and Android Devices
Cost: Free to download and use but does have costs associated with certain features
Who should use it: Anyone looking to improve their mental health 
Why use it: There are times when everyone struggles to maintain a positive outlook,
doptionseal with negative stress or are just looking to vent about recent events in their lives.  For those who wish to reach out and receive support they may not have access through traditional medical models.  They may feel they need more immediate help, avoid feeling like a burden to family and friends or just wish to stay anonymous.  The digital health app 7 Cups can provide necessary help.
7 Cups has several ways to receive mental health support.  7 Cups uses volunteers who are trained to provide emotional support via text.  This is completely anonymous.  The app asks several questions to guide what kind of support someone might need and connects them with a live volunteer.  In testing this out, the wait time to be connected to a volunteer was between 2-5 minutes.  The app has the appearance of any chat service and in intuitive to use.  
Within the app are many options for guided imagery  and mindfulness exercises.  These can be complete on-demand any time.  The app also serves as a way to participate in a community.  There are message boards from groups within the 7 Cups app, usually themed.  For example there is an Addiction Support Community and an Eating Disorder group.  
Many counselors and therapists can be contacted through the app to provide more intense treatment options.  
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