September 2017 Simple Contacts

Title: Simple ContactsFront page

What it is: Mobile eye exam and contact purchasing app

What devices: iPhone and any internet connected computer

Cost: Free to download app, (contacts can be purchased through the app)

Who should use it: Anyone at least 18 years old who wears contacts, no recent changes in vision and no significant eye disorders

Why use it: For everyone out there that has tried to wear their contacts longer than recommended to stretch out their remaining supply of contacts, this app is for you. Simple Contacts is a mobile app that puts you in control of obtaining an eye exam and purchasing contacts on your schedule.

eye exam

Simple Contacts turns your iPhone or computer into a personalized eye exam. Through the app, videos of your eyes are captured while looking up, down and to the side. Then the app directs you to set your phone 10 feet away from you, even giving you guidance on how far away you are. Using voice commands, the Simple Contacts app directs you to cover one eye and read letters on your phone, just like at a regular in person eye exam

The feedback on my exam was much faster than I expected. Honestly, I cheated the exam a little, not completely covering my eyes. Within a couple minutes of completing the exam I received a text from Simple Contacts stating that I needed to redo my eye exam. Specifically, the Simple Contacts system had identified my exam because “it didn’t detect that your eyes were covered properly.” I couldn’t fool the app and re-took the eye exam, this time completely covering my eyes as instructed.

peaking text

Simple Contacts caught me cheating on the eye exam and asked me to repeat the test.

Once your exam is complete, the videos are then sent securely to an Ophthalmologist for review. The next morning I received an email from the physician who reviewed my exam. She had recommended that with my significant myopia, that I really need a true retinal evaluation every year.

I was able to choose the exact style of daily contacts I already use and in 4 days, 6 months of contacts arrived in my mailbox. I never stepped foot in a healthcare institution.

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To use Simple Contacts, you really need to have a set of contacts you feel are comfortable to just reorder. I would not recommend trying a different brand through this app.

This app does not replace a complete eye exam performed in person. For many people with certain medical conditions, they should always seek routine eye care. If you have glaucoma, diabetes, cataracts or any type of medical condition with ocular manifestations Simple Contacts is not something I would advise.

Overall, Simple contacts is easy to use and the convenience of the app is spectacular. You will never run out of contacts again.