January 2017 LactMed app

Title: LactMed
What it is: A mobile database of information regarding the safety of medications and supplements during breast feeding
What devices: Apple and Android Devices
Cost: Free
Who should use it: Physicians, nursing mothers
Why use it:  There are many things about bringing home a new baby that can cause a lot of anxiety.  There are new feeding and sleep schedules, baby proofing your house and maybe even other siblings who needs to get used to the new addition to your family.  Another source of anxiety can be trying to know whctzhat medications are safe for a nursing mother.  That is where the mobile app LactMed can come in handy.
       LactMed is a mobile searchable database that has thousands of medications created by National Library of Medicine, a part of the National Institutes of Health.  For each medicine, LactMed provides information on whether or not the medicine can be found in breast milk, whether it can have an effect on nursing babies and other options for that class of medication. It also provides information on whether or not the medication could effect lactation as well.
       What’s is great about this app is that not only are there prescription medications but over-the-counter medications and supplements.  All this clinical information is updated monthly.
       This app is perfect for the primary care physician in clinic taking care of their patients who are nursing or for the doctor providing Urgent Care who has a nursing mother as a brand new and ill patient.  If you are not taking care of nursing mothers on a regular basis, it may be hard to stay familiar with medications that are safe for breastfeeding.  This mobile app will be a great, quick reference.
       For patients, specifically nursing mothers, this can be a great app to review the medications you are already taking or any new medications that are started while nursing.  It can be a good way to start a conversation with your physician about your medications.  Of course, always speak with your personal Obstetrician or Primary Doctor before making any changes to your medication regimen.

2 thoughts on “January 2017 LactMed app

  1. I just read your short article on fake medical news and couldn’t agree more! In addition, I think it important to acknowledge another element — medical news published in respectable journals that is of such poor quality as to be highly detrimental to the advancement of medical knowledge. As my endocrinologist observed to me once, there are so many poor quality medical papers in circulation that she had to restrict her reading to only A very few sources. My observation is that institutions that have the resources to critique and expose (major medical schools primarily) do a remarkably bad job of identifying and broadcasting about such papers — other scientific areas, physics is one example, do a much better job of exposing and criticizing poor and misleading work. As a consequence, those areas have much higher quality papers. There appears to be no cost to authors of lousy medical papers, so why not publish everything, no matter how bad? When poorly written papers receive the imprimatur of major medical publications and Ivy League schools, among the many negative consequences are increased public confusion and increased vulnerability to complete quackery.


    • Thanks for your feedback and thanks for reading my article. You’re right there doesn’t seem to be much incentive for publishers to limit low quality work. We all need to be more vigilant.
      Thanks again for checking out the article and my website!
      Dr A


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