Evidence of Digital Health Adoption by Patients

       A really exciting thing has been happening in my clinic the last few weeks.  In addition to holiday decorations and the rush year end refill requests, I have noticed an increase in the amount of times patients have talked to me about health apps.doctor-563428_1920
       The March Health App of the Month was Sworkit and I recommend it often.  Those who travel a lot for work or whose busy work schedule limits going to the gym can find good success in an app like Sworkit.  I am receiving good feedback on the impact of Sworkit.  During follow up clinic appointments with several patients over the last couple weeks they had followed my prescription of Sworkit and were using it regularly.  They all travelled extensively for work and found it was easy to have an intensive exercise session from the privacy of their hotel room.  For one patient is was really helping maintain good blood pressure control.
       In my clinic I usually have my diabetic patients come in for appointments a regular basis, around every 3 months.  I recommended to many the use of the MySugr Diabetes App.  Many are finding it a really intuitive and easy way to track their sugar and their insulin regimen.  The visual nature of the blog sugar graphs and the ability to export the data are features that patients appreciate and really use.  Especially when trying to help someone with uncontrolled high blood sugars, the more data points the better.  Since almost everyone has their phone on them at all times, it is easy to log every blood sugar taken, every dose of medication, calories and any hypoglycemic symptoms – and it is easy to look at in the clinic to make clinical decisions.  I have worked with patients to change insulin regimens while we both look at the MySugr App on their phone.
       Any intervention where a patient can see and feel the results can be more impactful and lead more permanent healthy habits.  It is clear that the Sworkit app and MySugr can have that kind of impact.  Physicians need to be more mindful of talking about digital health apps with their patients.  It’s clear that patients will listen.

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