September 2016 Caffiend


What it is: A medical app that helps you track your caffeine and water intake
What devices: iPhones and Apple Watches
Cost: $0.99
Who should use it:  Anyone looking to monitor their caffeine intake
Why use it:  As we move into September, students are back in school, on college campuses and the days are shorter, many people turn to caffeinated beverages to give themselves a boost.  While caffeine can be very useful, we can get too much and it can cause medical problems.  Insomnia, palpitations and dyspepsia can all occur with ingesting too much caffeine and many people will have withdrawal symptoms when they do not have their usual amount of caffeine.  That is where this month’s health app comes in, Caffiend.
       Caffiend is a mobile health app that help you track and measure your caffeine use.  It easily allows you find the amount of caffeine in your favorite beverages.  You can see how much caffeine is in each drink and how much you have consumed each day.
       The benefit of tracking your caffeine use is two fold.  By tracking, you can make sure to limit your use to an acceptable level.  Most consider less than 400mg to be a good goal, although that is something that you should discuss with your own personal physician.  The other benefit could be to compare any symptoms you might have that could be caffeine related.  For example, is your caffeine intake too high in the evening and if you adjust your caffeine intake, does that improve at all.
       The Caffiend app also is set up to help you monitor your overall water intake as well.  It is a nice way to track both at the same time if you so choose.caffiene-healthkit-dashboard
       The one drawback to the Caffiend app is that you can not visualize your caffeine intake
graphically at all.  The easiest solution to this is to sink the app up with your HealthKit.  You can keep track of your caffeine along side your steps, miles and weight.


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