August 2016 MySugr Diabetes Logbook

What it is: A mobile app that provides users the ability to track blood sugar, medications including insulin doses and meals. 

Front Page MySugr

The Monster that greets you in the MySugr Diabetes Logbook

What devices: iPhones, Android devices

Cost: Free (with Premium options you can buy)

Who should use it: People with Diabetes who want to use a mobile app to help track and manage their blood sugars

Why use it: My Sugr Diabetes logbook is serious diabetes app that doesn’t take itself too seriously.  Patients can use the app to track their blood sugars, medications, insulin use, activity, episodes of hypoglycemia or hyperglycemia, carbohydrates consumed and you can even take pictures of your meals.  All of the these tools come with the theme of “monsters” like the one that will “eat” your blood sugar levels that you log.  Graph mysugr

     The experience of using the MySugr App is intuitive and easy to track all the important facets of diabetic care.  At the top of the app is a graph of blood sugars that you scroll though to easily see a visual trend of blood sugars.  Once you have logged enough values, it can even estimate your A1c, and as all diabetics know, this is one the most important values your doctor looks at.  With just a swipe across the phone you can easily review the last 7, 14, 30 and 90 day averages.

     Other great features of MySugr Diabetes Logbook include the ability to create individual reports of all the metrics you track.  In CSV format you can print, email or text the values.  With a an upgrade subscription to MySugr Pro, at $27.99 per year, you can create PDF or Excel files for your data. There are several Challenges built in to the app to keep you engaged and feeling a sense of accomplishment.  The app can also sync with several blood glucose machines, like the Accu-Chek Aviva Connect.  With this device, when checking your blood sugar the meter can immediately and wirelessly sync up with MySugr app.  

     Overall, MySugr Diabetes Logbook is an excellent and easy to use tool to monitor as aspects of diabetic care.

Input MySugr

The input screen for tracking all the important diabetes metrics.

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