Profiles in Digital Health: Dr Matthew Haden

       Matthew Haden has practiced medicine in very diverse types of healthcare systems.  He has worked in the county hospitals heavily dependent on state Medicaid, at Mayo Clinic in Scottsdale, Arizona with a much more affluent patient population with private health insurance and even a system of universal healthcare while working in Costa Rica.  Now he is working in a new model of care and sees digital health as an important tool.

       Dr Haden has created a new Direct Primary Care practice in Washington DC called doctor-matthew-r-haden-family-gpModern Mobile MDs.  Direct Primary Care is a new model of care the eliminates the fee-for-service insurance payment in lieu of direct monthly payment to your doctor.  That lack of interference from insurance companies can free physicians to be more engaged and creative with their patients. 

       “When you cut the reins that insurance imposes, it unleashes innovation and flexibility.  Suddenly all that matters,” says Dr. Haden,  “is providing good care in whatever way is most appropriate, weighing the medical issue at hand, appropriateness of in-person versus virtual care, on-demand versus asynchronous care.”

       The combination of Direct Primary Care and digital health technology can create better team based medical care as well.  By using nursing staff, nutritionists and health coaches virtually, Dr Haden says “you can more rationally divide the work amongst the team.”  Even the patient becomes an active part of the Direct Primary Care Digital Health Team.  For his patients with young children, Dr Haden recommends parents purchase the Cellscope Oto product and he can review eardrums where he or his patient happen to be.  By being able to provide these digital health options, Dr Haden can put his patients needs first, saving time, money and parents from a few sleepless nights.

       In his current practice, Dr Haden does not perform virtual video visits.  He sees that changing. “As my practice grows, I see it as essential to provide good and convenient care.”

       Dr Haden leverages digital health technology with the flexibility he has outside of traditional insurance model to provide top quality patient-centered care.  He can not imagine a time when he is in anything other than a Direct Primary Care practice and knows that digital health technology is an exciting component of the future.  “Technology will continue to empower and evolve the way direct primary care is provided.”

Profiles In Digital Health

Today I am posting the first of a new series about Digital Health in real life.  How are physicians and patients using Digital Health and where do they think the future is?  Our first profile is of Dr Matthew Haden.  As always, any feedback on the post or my website in general is greatly appreciated.