July 2016 GoodRx App


What it is: A mobile app that provides pricing information on prescription drugs.

GoodRx Front pageWhat devices: iPhones, iPads, Android devices

Cost: Free 

Who should use it: People without health insurance or prescription drug coverage, those with high deductible plans and anyone looking to save money on prescription drugs.

Why use it:  GoodRx is a a mobile app that allows you to search for better prices on medications.  Users of the app can search for specific medications, dosages and quantities.  The app then lists a series of nearby pharmacies and the prices of the medication searched.  These are either cash prices or with a coupon from the GoodRx discount program.  For those who have no insurBupropion GoodRxance or limited drug coverage, this can be quite beneficial for many medications.  Users can see the major pharmacies in their area and find the lowest price.  The lowest price may not be at their regular pharmacy and the GoodRx app shows this.  

There are many other features of the app, including refill reminders and alerts on your saved medication lists that show you when a price has changed.  If you need it there is a pill identifier as well as a section for each medication to learn about that medications uses, chemistry, dosing, safety and potential interactions. 

If you have a good health insurance plan, the benefits from insurance are probably better than any deal from GoodRx.  When I spoke to pharmacists about this app, that was what they told me over and over.  I did find some really interesting discrepancies in pricing.  Within 4 miles, two pharmacies around my neighborhood offered Losartan/HCTZ at prices that differed by $80.   That is a significant difference for someone who might be struggling to afford their medications.  Losartan GoodRx

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