April 2016 Companion App


What it is: A mobile app that helps to manage stress and anxiety with guided imagery, breathing techniques and self directed cognitive behavioral therapy.


What devices: iPhones and Ipads

Cost: Free

Who should use it: Anyone who wants to limit stress and anxiety

Why use it:  All of us go through times where we wish we could control our stress and anxiety.  For some, this is a daily issue.  There are many ways to try to treat these and many times healthcare professionals are needed for psychotherapy or medication.  For milder symptoms and to add to current treatments with your physician, you can use the Companion app.  This app provides many tools and information to help relieve stress and anxiety using biofeedback and cognitive behavioral techniques.

The Companion app can lead you through guided mindfulness exercises to help facilitate a more relaxed state.  It also has a section that uses the biofeedback techniques to regulate breathing.  This can be used both acutely for anxious moments and regularly for prevention and mindfulness training.  Many health benefits of regulated breathing to create heart rate variability have been documented and the Companion App is a great way to use them anywhere you are.

There are several options within the app to help people reframe negative thoughts.  There is a whole section on reframing negative thoughts into more constructive thoughts or actions.  There is a way to create photo cards to help stimulate your mind during anxious or reflective moments.

If there is one downside to this app, I don’t feel like it is as organized as it could be.  Navigating the app takes some time to learn and the placement of different activities through out the app is not intuitive.

Overall this is a great digital health app to help anyone live a more stress and anxiety free life.