ProjectLAB February 2016

Project LAB

What it is: The Project Lab app is an app that gives a detailed description of many of the the most common laboratory tests ordered in a primary care settingIMG_9139

What devices: Iphone, Ipads and Ipods

Cost: $1.99

Who should use it: Patients, caretakers and physicians

Why use it: As physicians, we would all love to spend a little more time with our patients educating them on their lab tests.  We order lab work all the time
and then review the results.  To be efficient we often focus only on the abnormal.  If a patients lab results are all within a normal range our patients may only get a phone call from a medical assistant relaying the “all normal” message.

If you want to learn more about the tests your doctor performs, I recommend ProjectLAB.  With ProjectLAB, patients can now access detailed information about all the components of the most common lab tests.  The app will take each individual test and list normal ranges of values, what role that protein or chemical plays in the body, and what it might mean if the level is outside a normal range.
The app itself is very easy to use.  The menu options are straightforward and there is a search function to find exactly what you are looking for.
Even for physicians this app can be a refresher on many of the lab tests we order every day.  There is even a quiz function to test yourself.
front page plQuiz PL

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